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STROKE of Luck Internet TV SHOW!  www.renemariestrokeoflucktv.com 


RenéMarie, an artist from the delivers a message of Hope and Faith. This  riveting mesmerizing story also describes her challenges results from a major stroke and  “GIFT” of experiencing a  stroke on April 8, 1989, along with the divine moment of RenéMarie's out of body experience and conversation with God.tri state area, is an exciting singer/entertainer, Author, Motivational and Keynote Speaker.  She de


STROKE of Luck, the book and internet TV Show, will provide insight and plant the seeds of life coaching principles that will help you to enrich your awareness.  Tune in every other Sunday between 9:00 AM-10:00 AM to be inspired by those of us, including ReneMarie, who had been challenged with Aphasia caused by a stroke  or other rain turmeric brain injuries.


The Purpose of the show are:

  • Stroke and Aphasia Awareness

  • Language of Love Telethon Updates

  • ReneMarie and other artist singing inspirational songs

  • Messages from God

  • Spread the Love ……………Plus so much more!



Everyone has an inspiring story and we would love to hear yours! Email us at renemarielanguageoflove@gmail.com  and you can join us on set and share yours! 


Thousands of people are afflicted with Aphasia, a condition which leaves a person frustrated after a traumatic experience due to brain trauma or stroke. In her Book, the author shares her own story beginning with an out of body experience as a result of a “STROKE of Luck.  On April 8th, 1989, as she lay in the clay of a softball field, unconscious and silenced, her whole world changed.


On December 2013 she has formally established RenéMarie Language of Love Foundation Inc. www.renemarielanguageoflove.org  – a nonprofit 501c3 organization a  

The mission to this foundation are:


  • Provide STROKE and APHASIA awareness:

  • Annual Telethon

  • To bring HOPE through Love and Music and to Raise Financial Aid - for those whose insurance coverage has ended.  Money should not be the determining factor in recovery for individuals suffering from Aphasia.  


Mark your Calendar for our 3 rd  Annual - The Language of Love Telethon! -  Sunday May 3 , 2020 www.languageoflovetelethon.org. 8:30am-3:30pm



RenéMarie has naturally fallen into the position of becoming a spokesperson for STROKE and Aphasia Awareness and holds near and dear to her heart, an interview with Mark McEwen, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCrfivvNXFU  former CBS “Early Show” personality Mark McEwen who experienced a massive stroke in 2007. Michael Angelo “There You have it Productions” www.thereyouhaveitproductions.com   videoed our Interview. 


She feels privileged and humbled to have been recently appointed to the Acute STROKE Patient Advisory TEAM at Valley Hospital Ridgewood New Jersey. RenéMarie Productions www.renemarieproductions.com    www.rmpsimplythebest.com was founded in late 2001. Today, she is guided and driven to expand her visions.


RenéMarie has the honor of being a member of The Recording Academy (The Grammy’s) since 2007 ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers). She has been fortunate and feels blessed to have been invited to perform around the country in programs and in settings like: "America's Got Talent"; Madison Square Garden; Bergen Pac and the Palm Beach Breakers Hotel.  She has also appeared in more personal and intimate venues, equally important in her eyes, spreading her message of LOVE.


Through her captivating voice, delivered with honesty and passion and coupled with her mesmerizing stage presence, she "connects" intimately and warmly with her audience. This is “One Voice” that will deeply touch your heart and soul as you listen to her voice and follow her promise to God, to always follow His guidance as HE gifted her with a STROKE of Luck.  






















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