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She delivers a message of Hope and Faith. This riveting mesmerizing story also describes her challenges and gift of experiencing a major stroke, April 8, 1989, along with the divine moment of RenéMarie's out of body experience and conversation with God.

Plus, how her father, Ernest Testa, who crossed over on the same date, 23 years later,  Easter Morning, April 8, 2012, is now a guiding force from Heaven.  STROKE of Luck, book and internet TV Show will provide insight and plant the seeds of life coaching principles that will help you to enrich your awareness.

Tune in to be inspired by those of us, including ReneMarie, who have been challenged with Stroke / Aphasia. Also, Language of Love Telethon Updates, ReneMarie and other artists singing inspirational songs and messages from God.

ReneMarie I believe in Music - Unknown Artist
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