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LOVE is the Key to Recovery! ~Special Guest: Assemblyman Michael J. Fitzpatrick

Our Returning Guest Tracey Lawrence of Grand Family Planning is an innovator and entrepreneur


Saturday, May 7th, ReneMarie's Stroke of Luck internet  TV show has  a very important topic! ~ Politics, Laws, Insurance And/Or Money Should Not Play A Part In Stroke Recovery !covery!

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Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick
Rodney P. Frelinghuysen
grand family planning

ReneMarie Stroke of Luck - June 6, 2015 Special Guest Louis Vanaria 

I am so thrilled about this weeks show! I will have the Blessing of sitting down and getting to know a phenomenal Actor/ Singer Louis Vanaria!

Louis Vanaria is a true "Bronx Tale"...born in the Bronx, New York, Louis has always aspired to be a singer/song writer. After hearing about an "open call" audition for the upcoming Robert DeNiro directorial debut film entitled "A Bronx Tale", Louis worked his way in to try to land a singing role, practically on a lark, completely nonchalant. He never anticipated the outcome, and instead he was chosen for the part of "Crazy Mario", a featured role. Soon after that, Louis was cast in the CBS movie of the week "Young at Heart", starring Olympia Dukakis and his boyhood idol, Frank Sinatra.



ReneMarie Stroke of Luck - May, 9 2015 

Judy Marlow- Ratway –SPOT LIGHT SEGMENT






April 25, 2015

Host ReneMarie, Co Host Bobby Baby Walker, Special Correspondents Judy Marlow Ratway & Nancy Magrini 




ReneMarie Stroke of Luck - EXTRA

July 18 2015

Show Theme –

ReneMarie kKynote Speaking – " Inside the mind of Aphasia”

Extra Inning- NEW BOOK

Performing -Porgy and Bess Summertime -Leave Me Alone

I believe in Music


Tune In...Saturday, July 11th, Stroke of Luck Internet TV Show ...

1 pm to 2 pm broadcast from Madhouse Studio's in Deer Park ... guest will be Darnell S. Collier, Past Executive Director of Radio & TV, Current Singer/Performer ...(4) time Stroke Survivor.


 Darnell suffered (2) cerebral hemorrhages which is when a blood vessel bursts, causing blood to pool and pressure to build in the brain and (2) ischemic strokes caused by a blood clot. A clot can form in an artery that supplies blood to the brain. A clot that forms elsewhere can travel through the blood vessels until it becomes trapped in a vessel that supplies the brain.


Hear Darnell's survival story as she arrived at the crossroads of her life. Be entertained by her amazing singing voice.

RenéMarie Stroke of Luck April 25, 2015

Host ReneMarie, Co Host Bobby Baby Walker, Special Correspondents Judy Marlow Ratway & Nancy Magrini
Her new venture is STROKE of Luck -Talk Show Host on Madhouse,where RenéMarie delivers a message of Hope and Faith.
Tune in every other Saturday 1:00PM-2:00PM to be inspired by those of us, including ReneMarie, who have been challenged with Stroke / Aphasia.

Also, Language of Love Telethon Updates, ReneMarie and other artist singing inspirational songs and messages from God. Everyone has an inspiring story and we would love to hear yours!

Email us at  and you can join us on set and share yours!


RenéMarie Stroke of Luck eSaturday July 25, 2015 1 PM on Madhouse TV


We are so fortunate to welcome on a Spot light segment ... Sharon Bean, Director Charitable Estate Planning for the American Stroke Association. I have to tell you ... Sharon  is an angel! I truly believe that it is a calling to discuss what we are going to do when we reach that unknown place.  But, the truth is, it really is very important to prepare and to think about our Legacy. The American Stroke Association is truly a organization that is worth considering in your Charitable Estate Planning and Sharon is perfect for the position .


Tune in Saturday July 25, 2015 1 PM on Madhouse TV  to hear from our Special Guest  Sharon Bean. Her philosophy on the importance of preparing, where to go to learn more,  what the funds are used for, and how much can you leave, can it be in Real Estate? If you think about it, it really is an important topic!  


Join us to learn more!


Plus we welcome back a Stroke of Luck Correspondent Nancy Magrini, Stroke Survivor,  to answer  the question she  asked ...   "When dating a person who appears perfectly healthy, however, is a Stroke Survivor, would that influence your decision to continue dating, or making a further commitment?"

Judy Marlow Ratway, Bobby Baby Walker and myself can't wait to Host our Stroke of Luck Internet Madhouse TV Show!

See you soon.....



Stroke of Luck


Saturday, August 29th, ReneMarie's guests on the Stroke of Luck Internet TV Show broadcast from the Madhouse TV Studio's in Deer Park ...  1pm to  will be exceptional ...


When I was putting together the show and was thinking about the theme - Right way..."Giving Back" came to mind! You'll see why....

Cheers everyone....


We are so excited about our September 19th, Stroke of Luck Internet TV Show . It is going to be very moving , so educational and extremely interesting. As I was praying  for guidance  -  Humble came to my mind....I knew that this was the theme....


  • Humble - for the Donation that Diane Gilbert's gifted our Foundation with -  in honor of her Loving husband Tim.

  •  Personally - Humble to have the Honor of meeting Michael Adler - who has recently  left this earth.

  • Humbled-  to have Connected with Darnell - a stroke survivor  and dear friend - who will be hosting a American Stroke Association Walk this Sunday!- We send out all of our Blessings!

  • Humbly thankful for the Madhouse Team  support and LOVE!

  • Humbled  - Michael Savoie, Executive Home Care,  Sent me a touching  email - See below! 

  • Humbled- Getting ready for our 2016 Telethon....  PLUS so much more....


 Of Couse, we are so humbled to have Jennifer as our Special  Guest.....


Jennifer Napolitano, MA, CCC/SLP !


She is a Speech Language Pathologist at Transitions of Long Island. For the last thirteen years, Jennifer has treated a variety of patients with cognitive-linguistic and swall owing impairments such as aphasia, apraxia, and voice disorders following acquired brain injury.


Read More click here.....

Broadcast  -  October 3, 2015  1pm-2pm



Entertainers 2016  Telethon - The Key to Recovery- LOVE

Stroke of Luck

November 14th, The Stroke of Luck Internet TV Show is a true Blessing!

Fr. Carl Chudy `Make of the World ONE Family~

ReneMarie Stroke of Luck - November 14, 2015 

Prayer for Paris- with Father, Carl Chudy, SX- ReneMarie Stroke of Luck 

 ReneMarie's Stroke of Luck....November 28,  2015 1:00 pm

ReneMarie & Judy,


Thank you for the opportunity to be on the show.


Here's the contact information to sign up for newsletter:


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OR email-


Thank you again.

Linda J. BrownProducer/DirectorYou See Me

Bilingual Broadcast ~ ESPAÑOL ~

Stroke of Luck - December 19, 2015      

Click here

 As we meet Helen Ballestas a Nurse Practitioner who teaches Nursing at Long Island University - Post. She will discuss her background and how she had been working as a RN in ICU until she suffered her first stroke in 2001. During the years working as a Nurse she attained her Baccalaureate and Masters Degree.


Due to the stroke she had to step out of school and work for almost a year. She had lost the ability to read, add, count, walk up and down stairs without fear of falling. Dr. Ballestas had suffered a subarachnoid hemmorrhage (SAH). Now fully recovered in 2002, she returned to work, became a NurseManager at the hospital and continued her education. In 2007, with continuing education she became an Adult Nurse Practitioner where she practices today at Winthrop University Hospital for Cardiothoracic Service. Helen teaches full time at Long Island University Post and she is an Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs.


Stay tuned for more of her amazing story of recovery. Rene, Bobby, and Judy are looking forward to this amazing show.


Stay Tuned!! own text and edit me. It's easy.

Join Us Today ~ Stroke of Luck - January 16, 2016

The Count Down ~ Stroke of Luck - March 12 , 2016 - Tune in


Saturday, June 20th, ReneMarie's guest on The Stroke of Luck Internet TV Show broadcast from the Studio's of Madhouse TV ... Deer Park, Long Island 1 pm - 2pm  ( ) ... will be Liz Giordano, Chief Executive  Officer of Head Injury Association. Liz  oversee's  the entire organization, which includes more than 200 employees who provide care in Nassau and Suffolk, 24/7.


  Liz will discuss injury to the brain which results in physical, cognitive and behavioral changes that can require short term to lifelong treatment.

 The Head Injury Association  was founded by two Long Island families who met in a South Carolina group home while caring for their brain injured sons. They wondered why their children couldn't be in a New York based facility closer to home. Together they founded the HIA and opened the first day program and group home for survivors of traumatic brain injury. Their sons, who are now approaching middle age, still go to the HIA day program as they have for more than 20 years.


 There are almost as many ways to cause damage to your brain as there are to recognize its extraordinary capabilities as visitors to the HIA facility realize how precious life is. One example of how brain injury can occur suddenly is a woman named Linda who was 18 years of age, working at a local fast food restaurant when a construction worker's high-powered nail gun accidentally dislodged a nail that went through an
adjoining wall, pierced her skull and damaged her brain.

 During this exciting and educational show Dr. Max Gomex, WCBS-TV Medical Reporter will be calling in to the Stroke of Luck Show ... so stay tuned!!

 Judy Marlow Ratway - ( Language of Love Foundation INC & Telethon - Board of Director/ Executive of Public Relations) & Co- Host Bobby Baby Walker ( Language of Love Foundation Board Member & Telethon Assistant Executive Director ) will be  a part of our Round Table Discussion on this very emotional important topic

Saturday, May 21st, ReneMarie's Stroke of Luck Internet TV Show   featuring guest  Psychic Medium Teresa. She is the Author of What Happens The Day After?


I have been blessed to have meet Theresa many years…. The truth is, I don’t remember how we connected! (I’ll have to see, tomorrow, if Theresa remembers!) One of the things that I do remember was a spiritual session that Psychic Medium Teresa tried to help me clear the inner blockages that were residuals of my Stroke. I vividly remember her saying to me- to love my right side, which was affected by the Stroke. I now understand – (Many years later!) –At that point I was not whole… my world was separated and scattered!  She understood that with the guidance for the other side!  It is come full circle for both of us and I can’t wait to greet a special friend.


Teresa first became aware of her psychic gifts at the age of four, but it was during college that Teresa truly began to appreciate their magnitude. An animal lover all her life, she attended college as a pre-vet major with the intent of becoming a large-animal veterinarian. Much to her surprise, she realized that she was the only student communicating with the animals!


Her newest exciting endeavor – is her appearance on   Jenny McCarthy XM Radio Show!


Also re-joining us is our Stroke of Luck Family member Nancy Magrini Cavallone. Nancy is a Special Correspondent for Stroke of Luck internet TV show and Liaison for the American Stroke Association, who shared her Stroke Story at the Long Island  GOD RED FOR WOMAN. Her story inspiration to everyone in the crowd



Judy, Nancy and ReneMarie  lovingly invite you to join us!

Saturday, June 18th, 2016 ...  ReneMarie Stroke of Luck Internet TV Show will feature returning guestsBob and Debbie Mandell from Florida ... for this exceptional show discussing his Stroke Research Foundation and their trip around the world bringing Stroke and Aphasia Awareness. 


 They were last interviewed on the 2nd Annual ReneMarie Language of Love Telethon.


Bob Mandell has a MS degree in Business from Penn State and a BBA from Pace University in New York City. Previous to his Stroke he was a Corporate Executive, a Partner in an International Management Consulting Firm, an Adjunct Instructor at Fairfield University and an Entrepreneur in several endeavors.


After an 18 year battle to recover from a Massive Stroke at age 53, he has written a book entitled "Stroke Victor. In his book he describes how to go from a Stroke Victim to a Stroke Victor. Bob is not only a S

troke Survivor, he is a Stroke Coach, Speaker, and Advocate.


The ReneMarie Language of Love Team is honored to have Bob and Debbie backdiscussing their dedication to help others and their personal road back to a victorious future.

Saturday, July 9th, 2017 The Stroke of Luck Internet TV Show will feature   Judy,  Nancy and ReneMarie, reflecting back on the last 5 years and how The Language of Love Foundation started with ReneMarie's "I Had A Dream". 

There will be an exciting Board Announcement you won't want to miss.!  

Foundation details will be discussed, along with the Telethon Re-Caps.  In addition we will share our intentions and purpose with a segment called Together For A Moment.  

Judy will do a Segment on "Caretakers" and Nancy will do one on "Reentering the Business World" after suffering a Stroke ! 

JOIN US-  as we unit  in singing and Spread the LOVE  with The Peace Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi ~ "

Make Me a Channelof Your Peace"

Tune in at  from 1pm to 2pm as we share all the details of adventures old and new.

Reflection/ Make me a Channel of your Peace ~

July 9, 2016 ~ Stroke of Luck

Saturday, July 23rd, The Stroke of Luck Internet TV Show will be about Mary Kay Wagner Ash, Founder of Mary Kay Foundation/Beauty by Mary. Her company was founded in 1963, with an investment of $5,000 dollars selling a skin cream she purchased manufacturing rights to. She had a charming, spirited and one of a kind success story. In addition we will mention her book and her life published in 1981 that sold over a million copies, and her successful amazing company, and after suffering a stroke in 1996 the decline in her health as she passed away at her Dallas home November 22nd, 2001.


ReneMarie will be doing a short segment on "What Is Time".


Our special guests today will be Rosemarie Pforr, Future Sales Director ... Mary Kay, and Sales Director Donna Ludewig.


Rosemarie Pforr joined Mary Kay in July 2005. She has earned numerous prizes during her Mary Kay career. Rosemarie has been a star consultant every quarter since joining the company and has been on the National Court of Sales three times, earning beautiful diamond rings. On August 2nd, Rosemarie will be receiving her third diamond ring at The Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas, Texas.


Donna Ludewig joined Mary Kay in October 1998 and her unit "Donna's Diamonds", have earned ten free Mary Kay career cars. She has been on the National Court of Sales two times earning two diamond rings. In 2007, Donna led her unite to the circle of achievement with over $300,000 in retail sales. She was honored with the coveted National Miss Go-Give Award for July 2010.


Mary Kay Foundation gives money to put an end to domestic violence for women and children and also contributes money for cancer research that affects women.


During this show Rosemarie and Donna will discuss the Mary Kay Company and products.


Rosemarie is a resident of Smithtown and Donna a resident of Miller Place.


ReneMarie, Judy, and Nancy look forward to this exciting show about success. Tune in and join us at Stroke of Luck broadcasting from 1 pm to 2 pm.

ReneMarie I believe in Music - Unknown Artist
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