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Sharon Bean

Director, Charitable Estate Planning  -American Heart Association



Thank you, Rene, for allowing me to be part of your mission!


It is great fun spending time with all of you, and your support of the American Stroke Association is very much appreciated.  You’re doing amazing work!

All my best,




Judy Marlow-Ratway

Executive Director of Public Relations for ReneMarie Language of Love Foundation Inc


ReneMarie is an Angel on Earth. God Bless Her!!


It is a honor and privilege to know and work with ReneMarie . She inspires everyone with her inspiration and motivation and has the most positive outlook on life. Working with her as Executive Director of Public Relations for her Foundation and Telethon is an exciting, challenging and wonderful experience and I enjoy every moment of it. Rene delivers a message of hope and faith thru her book "Stroke of Luck" and her Internet TV Show with the same name ... bringing Stroke and Aphasia Awareness around the world.


I had an amazing time yesterday ReneMarie Testa Adams. We are blessed and humbled. Looking foward to working with everyone again in the near future.

Matthew G. Mckay Sr.

Actor / The Help Matty Fight Lymphoma Team 

ReneMarie Testa Adams we had such an amazing time with you on the show! We feel so grateful, blessed and humbled! We are excited to see you all soon and work together to make a difference and give back! heart emotions. 

Debra Toscano

Actress/ Entertainer  

Thank you!

Debra Toscano

Actress/ Entertainer  

What an amazing day! Thank you Rene Marie Testa Adams for having Matthew G. Mckay Sr. and I on your show. We are so looking forward to doing the telethon with you and to be "GIVING BACK" with you any way we can! So awesome to have met you Rene, Bob Bisaccia, Judy, Gloria and Tom and the crew at Madhouse TV! heart

emotions....  Thank you Thank you



 Those of us who have suffered stokes and were not in any obvious risk group are more than happy to work with Rene in urging people not to ignore subtle signs or changes in how they are feeling.  My particular issue is fibromuscular dysplasia.  It is something I may never have been aware of if not for the stroke.  If left undetected it may have caused an even more serious event.


  I am looking forward to being on The Stroke of Luck Internet TV Show on October 31, 2015 and speaking further with Rene about my experience.




Virginia M. Werner

Ms. New York Senior America 2013



Thanks so much for inviting me to participate in your show. It was truly inspirational to be a part of! Keep spreading your positive energy and keep up the great work you do to increase stroke and aphasia awareness. The aphasia community needs more people like you!


Be Well,

Jennifer Napolitano, M.A., CCC/SLP




Jennifer Napolitano, M.A., CCC/SLP

Speech Language Pathologist at Transitions of Long Island

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