“It is a privilege to be present and involved in an event where all come together for the enrichment of humanity.


RenéMarie’s inborn desire is to be a part and support the brotherhood of mankind and she has spear headed this fundraiser. If we are here it's because a universal power is guiding us towards a purpose which is helping all those afflicted with Aphasia: “A language disorder caused by an injury affecting a persons ability to communicate.


And what a better way to do it than through music which has no boundaries and speaks the language of GOD.”

Mayda Prado

Excerpt from "The Language of Love" Concert 

“Aphasia Telethon” Fundraiser Dinner/ Concert - Extraordinary Show!

Oct 13, 2011 - 6 PM -Grand Chalet Wayne, NJ.

Aphasia is a "silent" life changing effect of stroke or brain trauma!

 Mayda Prado

B.M., M.M.  at  TheJuilliard School

and Doctoral Studies.

Professor  and International

Adjudicator for thePerforming Arts

If you don't believe in the here after or God's plan for us, you will after reading RenéMarie's mesmerizing story "STROKE of Luck". RenéMarie's compelling words will take you on a journey that astounds, is deeply moving and thought provoking.  


Through RenéMarie's strength and determination you will come to believe that all is possible if you have faith, listen to His word, never give up and selflessly do for others. RenéMarie just might be an angel sent from God to bring into the light the message of Aphasia and to help those with this devastating affliction.  You will become a believer in the power of His Word and that of the human spirit as told in RenéMarie's story 

Dominick Cortellessa

  Councilman - Wanaque, New Jersey

Expert Consultant


Philosopher -"Above All Else"

Dominick Cortellessa

Life Changing! "STROKE Of Luck" is a Moving Inspirational Story! It tells the story of RenéMarie’s spirit of endurance, selflessness and strong unconditional Faith! On April 8, 1989, crossing over as a result of a devastating stroke, she ascended to heaven and stood in the presence of God! HE enlightened her as to her work on earth and returned her to life to carry out her mission!

Simply Amazing! 

Karen Noe




Author-Through the Eyes of Another  -Hay House

" RenéMarie drive and passion inspire me. She has always remained on course with her purpose and this is purely reflected in her works.  RenéMarie is genuine and her authenticity shines through in everything she creates. Her commitment coupled with her unwillingness to waiver from her goals is truly remarkable."

Michael A. Mendillo

FirstService Residential Management CompanyRegional President 



A FirstService Residential Management Company

21 Christopher Way Eatontown, NJ 07724









Bernie McDavitt,R.N.

Wanaque New Jersey Public Health Nurse
973-839-3000 x7124

RenéMarie is a talented, compassionate and generous young woman. In addition to being a talented vocalist, she is now an author of a thought-provoking and insightful autobiography "STROKE of Luck”. Anyone who has had to deal with communication deficits especially Aphasia, will appreciate her courage and persistence. With this book she lives up to one of her favorite songs “Simply the Best”.


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